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        Lions have always been a popular theme in a lot of movie scripts, whether the whole script revolves around them or they just occupy small scenes within the main script. In this section I will list the movies that have lions in their script; Iam sure there are other movies that presented lions to the silver screen but Iam here listing the ones I saw and liked and the ones I didn't see but I still think they are worth seeing. Again, I will rate the movies here on a scale of 1 to 10, the higher the score, the better the movie....of course according to my own perspective:)!

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Tarzan and the Golden Lion Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927) (Adventure) (Silent) Tarzan tries to save his woman from a tribe that will sacrifice her to a lion God and he uses the help of his pet lion James Pierce, Edna Murphy N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
The Lion Man The Lion Man (1936) (Adventure) A story of a boy whose father is killed by a chief of a nomad tribe and he is raised by a pride of lions. As he grows up he gets more famous and is called "El Lion" and he searches for his father's killer for revenge Jon Hall, Ted Adams N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
The Wizard of OZ The Wizard of Oz (1939) (Family) A fantasy trip of a girl accompanied by a scarecrow, a tin man, and a cowardly lion who wants to meet the wizard ot retain his courage. Bert Lahr 9
The Lion Hunters The Lion Hunters (1951) (Adventure) Bomba, the jungle boy, tries to tell some hunters that hunting lions is not right, but when they insist on hunting lion he has to save the lions himself and face the hunters. Johnny Sheffield, Morris Ankrum N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
Androcles and the Lion Androcles and the Lion (1953) (Comedy/Adventure) A Christian man helps a lion by removing a thorn from his paw and the lion returns the favor later and refuses to eat the man when the Romans throw him to the lions in the arena. JVictor Mature, Jean Simmons 7.5
The Egyptian The Egyptian (1954) (Drama) A tale of an Ancient Egyptian doctor who is searching for the truth about religious deities in Egypt. The movie has a scene where Victor Mature and Edmund Purdom got to hunt lions in the desert and the lions in this scene looked typical Barbary lions to me! Victor Mature, Jean Simmons 10
The Lion The Lion (1962) (Drama) The story of a girl whose best friend is a fully grown lion and her mother's attempts to make her daughter quit this dangerous friendship. Pamela Franklin, William Holden N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
Curse of the Voodoo Curse of the Voodoo (Curse of Simba) (1964) (Horror) A hunter kills a sacred lion in Africa and when he goes back to England he sees visions of the lion and mysterious warriors. Bryand Holiday, Dennis Pria N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion (1965) (Comedy) A lion that is uncapable of hunting due to his cross-eyed problem is adopted by a veterinarian and his daughter and then helps to arrest a criminal who hunts gorillas. Marshall Thompson, Betsy Drake N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
Born Free Born Free (1966) (Family/Drama) The story of Joy and George Adamson who adopt an orphan lioness cub and teach her how to survive then reintroduce her to the wild. Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
N/A Lionheart (1968) (Drama) A lion escapes from a circus but is helped and protected by a young boy. James Forlong, Louise Rush N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
Living Free Living Free (1972) (Adventure/Drama) A sequel to "Born Free" where the Adamsons try to help Elsa's cubs after they cause a havoc in some villages, so they move them to a far animal reserve. Nigel Davenport, Susan Hampshire N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
N/A Aslan Adam (lion Man) (1975) (Action The story of a boy who is raised by lions and as a result gains the mighty power of lions and use it to save the princess he loves. Barbara Lake, Cunyet Arkin N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
N/A Roar (1981) (Adventure) A movie that has a huge number of tame lions and lionesses that were raised over a 6 year period by actress Teppi Hedrin to make this movie. Teppi Hedrin, Noel Marshall 7 (the score is only given for the lions not for cast or script which were meaningless)
N/A Savage Harvest (1981) (Adventure) A family is trapped inside their house in Africa by a big pride of hungry lions. The family strives to free themselves and fight the lions back. Tom Skerritt, Michelle Phillips (I) 9
Tarzan, the Ape Man Born Free (1981) (Adventure) A different version of the Tarzan story. The movie has a scene of a magnificent lion with Tarzan and Jane in a beach on the ocean. I think the lion at one point attacked the actor who played Tarzan for real. Bo Derek, Miles O'koffee 6.5
The Lion King The Lion King (1994) (Family/Animation) A lion cub is driven away from his pride by his evil uncle after the murder of his father, then he returns back to claim his throne. N/A 10
The Ghost and the Darkness The Ghost and the Darkness (1996) (Action/Drama) A hunter and a British officer strive to hunttwo fierce man-eating lions in Tsavo in East Africa. Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas 10
George of the Jungle George of the Jungle (1997) (Adventure/Comedy) George is adopted by a smart ape and then he meets a girl, Ursula, and saves her. They both go through some adventures and love each other and end up getting married. The movie has a funny scene when George saves Ursula from a lion. Brendan Fraser, Leslie Mann 8
To Walk With Lions To Walk With Lions (1999) (Adventure/Drama) The life story of George Adamson and his efforts to save and help the African lions against poachers and other threats they face. Richard Harris, John Mickie N/A- Email me your rating if you seen it
Africano Africano (2001) (Adventure/Romance) A young Egyptian vet goes to his late uncle's game park in South Africa and there he helps his cousin to keep the park from the bad guys. Part of the help is to hunt down 2 lions with rabies inside the park...really good for an Egyptian movie. Ahmed Elsakka, Mona Zaki 9
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